Smart Antennas

Multipurpose Antenna for detection of hazards

The RF1 Multipurpose Antenna contains, the FLARM® 868 – 928 MHz antenna and a 1090 MHz receiver. The Antenna subsystems fulfil the general functions of broadcasting aircraft position and speed information as well as receiving the available information and calculating the possible interception courses.

The 1090 MHz receiver does not comply with any requirements out of ETSO/TSO airworthy requirements and is deemed for information only.



  • FLARM, ADS-B Receiver and GPS in one antenna
  • FLARM® transceiver for collision warning
  • ADS-B In for visualization of traffic information (altitude, heading, speed)

Key Features & Main Benefits

With the RF1 Multipurpose Antenna the signal range extends on more than 10km. The direct link to the RN7 optimizes the signals enormously. A maximum radio performance in all directions and the timely detection of fast-moving aircraft lead to resolved action in time.

  • Minimal signal loss
  • Cost saving solution
  • Upgrades for EuroNav 7 and EuroNav 5
  • Power supply by the RN7
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