SferiRec DTU & SSDC

Data Transfer Unit & Solid State Disc Carrier

The ruggedized transportation solution with storage from 10MB to 2TB

A standardised digital Data Transfer (DTU) combines a portable Solid State Data Carrier (SSDC) as key element with easily expandable memory capacity and standardised SferiRec Data Tranfser Unit for cockpit installation, which is ideally suited for installation in a broad range of rotary and fixed wing aircrafts with a minimum of installation provisions.

  • Robust: High reliable & low power consumption
  • Transfer: Mission and maintenance data
  • Protected: Secure file system
Main Benefits
  • Minimum size, low mass, low power consumption
  • Ideally suited for upgrade and retrofit programs
  • Standardized selectable data transfer interfaces
  • Universal file handling system, high data transfer rates
  • Robust and high reliable portable Solid State Data Carrier
  • Qualified and flight certified equipments


  • Transfer of Mission and Maintenance Data to Avionic Computers
  • DTU Interfaces
  • Intelligent Universal File System for Data Transfer and Data Management
  • Illuminated Front Panel
  • Portable Solid State Data Carrier Types (SSDC) available: 40 MB up to 2TB
  • High Crash Survivability and Recovery Capability
  • DTU with Standard Housing for Cockpit Installation
  • Low Mass & low power consumption
  • Fully qualified (MIL-STD 810E and 461C) and military flight certified
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