Ground Station - Mission planning and support

The OPTARION Modules OptaPlan, OptaMission &OptaDebrief are all-in-one network-based and modular solutions for all needs related to mission preparation, execution, analysis and debriefing.



  • Mobile, shelterized and/or office solutions
  • Tactical mission planning
  • Full-blown in-mission support
  • Analysis of mission events

Main Benefits

  • Accelerates the process of mission planning
  • Reduces the risk of a pilot being caught in unforeseen situations
  • Information superiority during the operation
  • State-of-the-art tool for mission rehearsal and debriefing missions
  • Evolving since 2003
  • In operation on various platforms – Tiger, NH90,CH-53GA
  • More than just a tactical planning tool


  • Processing C3I information
  • Replays of the flights in 3D
  • A wide variety of different search patterns are available
  • Handling of data up to secret
  • Certified in accordance with RTCA-DO278A Assurance Level 4
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