EasyTask - EuroNav Ground Station

EasyTask Ground Station is a comprehensive mission planning and support tool for EuroNav users. EasyTask allows users to mission plan, brief, communicate with the aircraft during flight and download mission data.

The Ground Station utilises the state of the art EuroNav map engine with mission planning tools to provide users with an easy to use operation friendly solution. The software allows configuration of multiple EuroNav devices as well as ground based EuroNav simulation and mission replay.

Using the new Data Communications Server, EasyTask can be used as part of a mission network to exchange data, tasking and position information with multiple air, sea and ground assets.

Mission Planning
EasyTask allows the user to quickly and accurately plan a mission using inbuilt co-ordinate, data and address searches, whilst maintaining clear visibility of danger areas and avoids. Operational aids, tactical points and other data can be marked on the map to show a clear mission picture.

The software allows the user to calculate indicative aircraft range, endurance and fuel used figures accounting for windspeed for the planned mission. Users can quickly identify aircraft limitations and optimise mission parameters accordingly.

Users can upload flight plans and data direct to the EuroNav via USB or WIFI for instant operational use.

  • Rapid flight planning
  • Co-ordinate, data and address searches
  • Tactical and Operational user items
  • Aircraft Performance Calculations
  • Upload of Flight Plans and Mission Data direct to EuroNav
Aircraft and Camera Tracking
EasyTask supports integration with downlink devices and Iridium Satellite connections to display live mission data on the Ground Station. Multiple aircraft positions, altitude, track and speed information can be shown on the ground station with the associated camera position, field of view, meta data and focus point.

Using the Data Communications Server, EasyTask can be used as part of a mission network to display aircraft data and task connected assets.

EuroNav Configuration and Simulation
EasyTask allows configuration of the EuroNav for a fleet or per aircraft profile. EuroNav 7 users can simulate the changes on the ground before upload to EuroNav.

Configuration changes to mapping and appearance settings can be made quickly and easily and the updated settings uploaded to the EuroNav system via USB or WIFI. EasyTask Ground Station allows configuration of the following:

  • Appearance Settings for EuroNav objects
  • EuroNav mapping set configuration, including Vector, Raster, Jeppesen and terrain data
  • Display options and visual settings
  • EuroNav Map Pack configuration options
  • Terrain elevation settings including warning bands

EuroNav 7 customers now also benefit from a EuroNav 7 Simulator for ground based training and mission simulation included with the EasyTask software.

Mission Review
Following a mission, aircraft and camera data can be downloaded from the EuroNav for archive and mission replay. Downloaded records allow detailed evaluation of flight times, location and altitude data of both aircraft and camera information.
  • Analysis and review of flight records
  • Download of mission data from EuroNav

Support and Training
Comprehensive user training and software support packages can be supplied with the EasyTask Ground Station to provide the very best user experience. If required, joint EuroNav training with a EUROAVIONICS engineer can be provided.

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