EasyWeigh - Professional Loading and Performance Calculator

EasyWeigh is a professional tool which is tailored to each customer and is designed to ensure aircraft loading and performance calculations are completed to the highest level of accuracy using only verified data.
EasyWeigh is customised for each aircraft configuration, instantly displaying multiple performance calculations and user configured aircraft loading.

Designed for professional operators, EasyWeigh uses Authorised Flight Manual data. The software gives users the flexibility to make temporary loading changes to react to the short notice changes during an operation, and the inbuilt data validation system alerts users to any changes from the approved values.

EasyWeigh reduces pilot workload pre-flight and increases situational awareness during flight. The software allows operators to be confident of their calculations when operating near the performance limitations of their aircraft.

EasyWeigh has been widely deployed for over fifteen years with Law Enforcement, EMS, Commercial and Military operators and is available for any size fleet, Fixed wing or Rotary.

Instant Aircraft Performance Calculations
EasyWeigh takes aircraft performance calculations to the highest level of accuracy, offering users instant access to multiple performance calculations using Authorised Flight Manual and Supplement data. The software allows calculation of any performance criteria based on aircraft loading, current atmospheric conditions and performance penalties.

  • Multiple performance calculation view
  • Verified Flight Manual and Supplement data
  • Aligned with Flight Manual Revisions
  • Includes Performance Penalty tools

Aircraft Loading
EasyWeigh ensures precise loading calculations using accurate validated data. The user friendly design allows rapid and accurate loading calculations.

Using the inbuilt data validation system, users are instantly notified if the data used for calculations has been changed from the approved values. The software allows temporary changes to react to operational situations whilst maintaining user awareness of the quality of the data.

The software further protects users from errors utilising inbuilt loading logic and performance penalties to remove impossible calculations.

  • Rapid aircraft loading calculations
  • Flexibility to make temporary changes
  • Robust data validation and configuration control
  • PDF Loadsheet snapshots for archive
  • Loading Logic tools

Available as an iPad EFB
EasyWeigh iPad extends all the advantages of the EasyWeigh software onto the user’s iPad devices. EasyWeigh iPad allows full loading and performance calculations at any point during the mission.

Users can sync aircraft data to connected iPads in the field or at remote bases and synchronise completed signed loadsheets back to base.

Improved Flight Safety
EasyWeigh improves flight safety at every level, ensuring operators can maximise their visibility of loading and performance capabilities throughout the whole flight envelope whilst minimising human error. The system ensures strict data control across the fleet and ensures a common high standard across an organisation.

  • Fleetwide control of data used for calculations
  • Full visibility of loading and performance limitations
  • Minimises human error and maximises flight safety
  • Aligned with Flight Manual Revisions
  • Common user interface regardless of aircraft type
  • Reduces pilot workload

Multi Sector Mission Planning
The Mission Planning module within EasyWeigh allows performance and loading calculations to be made for multi section missions with varying conditions. This highly flexible tool allows users to make multiple calculations based on a mission with varying weights, atmospheric conditions and activities (e.g. hoisting, hover etc.) for each sector.

  • Multi sector pre-flight planning tool
  • Multiple calculations completed for varying conditions
  • Save and reuse missions
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